But women are entitled to consensually engage in their sexuality any way they see fit. If that involves taking nude self portraits for the enjoyment of themselves or consciously selected others, that’s their prerogative. Victims of crime do not have an obligation to accept dual responsibility for that crime. Women who take nude photographs of themselves are not committing a criminal act, and they shouldn’t ‘expect’ to become victims to one.
Clementine Ford (via cerbear)

The MRA’s Guide to How a Woman Can Stay Safe


1. Don’t dress provocatively

2. Don’t share eye contact with a man for more than 4 seconds, or else you’re leading him on.

3. Don’t take nude pictures on your phone.

4. In fact, stay clothed 24/7, even in the privacy of your own home, Tobias Funke-style.

5. Don’t be too attractive or pretty because then you’re just rubbing what they can’t have in men’s faces.

6. Don’t walk home by yourself.

7. Going outside in general might be a bad idea, actually.